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Our Green Luxury nail care line is free of all the harsh chemicals found in standard nail polish They are toulene,formadelhyde,dibutyl phtalate ,camphor free,and completely vegan. Our soy nail polish remover is unlike any nail polish remover on the market.It is derived of soy and coconuts.It also is highly nourishing,and non-drying. TOLUENE which causes rapid,shallow breathing,chemical pneumonia,blurred vision,dry cracked skin,and drowsiness also also effects the kidneys and the nervous system.It may also cause an exaggerated feeling of well-being,headache,staggering tremors,and convulsion. FORMALDEHYDE is a strong allergen and irritant to which human have a very low odor threshold,also a know carcinogen.It increases airway resistance when inhaled,probably because of local irritation and release of inflammatory mediators.Additionally,formaldehyde is a strong contact allergen.Acute and chronic dermatitis was once a common complaint in the beauty parlor industry because of using formaldehyde in fingernail finishes. DIBUTYL PHTHALATE which are linked to reproduction system problems and underdeveloped gentials in newborn boys.